Thursday, May 23, 2013

Healthy Lunch Challenge: Lunch 2

It may have been a dark, dreary day outside yesterday... but it was bright and happy in my kitchen!!  My 13 year old son asked to play the Crunch a Color game!  AND... the biggest bright spot of all, was that he asked for a salad to add more points!  The boy has NEVER asked for salad before!  Last night he told me that he really enjoyed having one and would like one more often.  I really couldn't believe it!

This is yet another leftovers lunch... it's really the only way I stay sane with the crazy last few weeks of school.  Although this meal almost made me crazy... first, I forgot to actually turn the breakmaker on to make my dough before I left with Clara for her dance class (Alex started it for me when he got home) and, second, after spreading the dough in the pan, I realized that I had forgotten to buy pizza sauce!  Thankfully I found some of my homemade pizza sauce that I had forgotten about in the freezer... whew!

So, here is the boy's leftover lunch (with a salad!!!)....
Leftover homemade pizza (whole wheat crust, homemade pizza sauce, ground beef and Italian sausage mix, mushrooms, black olives and mozzarella), a spring mix and baby spinach salad with a little cheese and cherry vinaigrette dressing (in the minidipper), blueberries and strawberries and, finally, the ever present staple of his lunches... a banana.

Oh... and don't worry about my Crunch a Color cards on the wet deck!  They have a great coating on them, so the water wiped right off and they're still just like new!  :-)


  1. new to the site and loving the ideas! Where do you get the Crunch a Color cards?